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Suzie Hill 1989
Suzie in 1989
Suzie Hill 2010
Suzie in 2010
Suzie Hill
Portrayed by Najarra Townsend (1989)
Kerry O'Malley (2010)
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Alive

Suzie Hill is a character in "Almost Paradise". She was the best friend of Felicia Grant, who would be tragically murdered the night of their 1989 senior prom at McKinley High.

Despite their childhood friendship, Suzie harbored jealousy towards Felicia for always outshining her when she tried to make her presence known at high school, such as in the cheerleading squad and student council.

At prom, Suzie caught Felicia hugging her date, Lee Mavoides. Furious, she declared she hated Felicia and stormed off to the bathroom, with her friend in pursuit. Felicia came clean that Lee was a friend of hers that she lost touch with. She slept with him, but it was a mistake and she avoided him for years. She’s terribly sorry she didn’t tell Suzie about this either. But it’s long done and way over with and if Suzie really likes Lee, she should go for it.

That statement didn't go over well with Suzie, who despised being second best to Felicia this way too. After some more heartfelt words from Felicia abut how much she values Suzie, the two seemingly made up. However, Suzie “played" Felicia and told her boyfriend Cole Austen about his girlfriend and her date’s past liaison. Plus, there was an after-party and while attending, Suzie would have sex with a wasted Cole. She came to regret her actions after Felicia died in a hit-and-run.

Suzie eventually settled down and started a family. Her eldest child, Tess, followed in her mother's footsteps as a cheerleader.

In 2010 when Felicia's case was reopened, Suzie was initially reluctant to come clean to the cold case team about their fallout, ashamed of how she acted as a teenager. In the end, she is last seen picking up Tess from McKinley High after practice. Suzie imagines Felicia smiling at her, still looking as young and beautiful as on their prom night, but without her crown.