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Suzanne 1969
Suzanne in 1969
Suzanne 2005
Suzanne in 2005
Portrayed by Jordana Spiro (1969)
Marilyn McIntyre (2005)
Episode Revolution
Status Alive

Suzanne is a character from "Revolution". She was the best friend of murder victim Ellie McCormick and wife of Terry Lucas. It was at her wedding in 1969 that Ellie met Warren Cousins.

Suzanne's marriage was loving in the beginning, but when Terry was called to serve in The Vietnam War, he changed and became abusive to his wife, both verbally and physically. Ellie was wise to this and advised her friend repeatedly to leave her husband. Suzanne, however, would continually make excuses for Terry.

By 2005, Suzanne and Terry appear to have divorced. After Ellie's murder was solved, Suzanne is last seen glaring at her ex at his job before driving off.