Strange Fruit

Season : 2
Episode: 19
Directed by: Paris Barclay
Written by: Veena Sud
Production Number:
Airdate: 3 April 2005
Date of Crime: August 27, 1963
Previous: Ravaged
Next: Kensington

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The unsolved 1963 murder of a black teenager, whose body was discovered by the then-young Will Jeffries, is reopened.



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  • The title is taken from the closing song, which in turn comes from the lyrics in the song, which describes someone seeing a "strange fruit" hanging from a tree, which is actually a black man who'd been lynched.
  • Loosely based on the murder of Emmett Till, who is mentioned in the episode.
  • The song "Walk Like a Man" by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons was also used in the episode Boy Crazy, which also took place in 1963.
  • Ed Bernard also plays Moody Brown (2005) in the episode Colors. He is one of only three actors to play two different roles in two different episodes (Madeline Carroll and Alicia Ziegler being the other two), and the only whose two performances are in the present.
  • Will Jeffries says that he found the body when he was 12, making his current age 54. However, this is contradicted in the episode Best Friends, in which he states that he is turning 60.


  • The Chiffons "One Fine Day"
  • The Four Seasons "Walk Like A Man"
  • Martha & The Vandellas "Heatwave"
  • Doris Troy "Just One Look"
  • Gene Chandler "Rainbow"
  • Opus 1 Music Library "Till Death Do Us Part"
  • Closing Song: Nina Simone "Strange Fruit"