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Steve Pratt 1973
Steve Pratt in 1973
Steve Pratt 2008
Steve Pratt in 2008
Steve Pratt
Portrayed by Sean O'Bryan (1973)
James Karen (2008)
Episode Glory Days
Status Arrested

Steve Pratt was the killer of Mike McShane. The two men shared a very close relationship-"a father and son", as Mike had no father in his life-his father's fate is unknown. So, Steve filled that emptiness in Mike. But things would fall apart when Mike found out that Steve was injecting his football teammates with steroids, which unsurprisingly was very harmful to the boys. The last straw for Mike was when his best friend and teammate Tom Bernard became violently ill because of the steroid injections. He would be hospitalized and later kicked off the team because he couldn't handle the injections. So, Mike tried to make things right and confront Steve about this. That talk wouldn't end well and would be very heated, with Mike telling Steve he'll expose everything that has happened. Steve, understandably upset begged Mike not to talk; they can work things out. But of course, Mike wouldn't listen and started to walk away. Steve, furious over this truth coming out and distraught over the boy he thought of "a son" turning against him, he would callously beat Mike to death to keep him quiet and leave him behind to die.