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Steve Hess 1995
Steve in 1995
Steve Hess 2009
Steve in 2009
Steve Hess
Portrayed by Chris Browning
Episode Hoodrats
Status Alive

Steve Hess is a character from "Hoodrats". He is an ex-skater who owns his own skate shop.

Steve met Nash Simpson in 1995 when he caught Cal Acevedo shoplifting but Nash paid for it. He gave Nash a job and let him sleep in the shop. Steve saw talent in Nash and offered to be his sponsor, even though he can barely pay his rent. He even made skateboards with Nash's "Super Skater" logo. His heart was broken when Nash told him that he is already being sponsored by Excelerator. Steve kicked Nash out of the shop for "selling out".

In 2009, Steve was pointed out by Cal as a suspect. Steve came to realize that he was actually using Nash to try to help himself get famous and he has to be content with being small-time. He is last seen making another Super Skater board, in memory of Nash.