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Stephanie Levine in 1989
Stephanie in 1989
Stephanie Levine in 2006
Stephanie in 2006
Stephanie Levine
Portrayed by Cristina Wichtrich (1989)
Cindy Ambuehl (2006)
Episode Lonely Hearts
Status Alive

Stephanie Levine is a character from "Lonely Hearts". She was the friend and roommate of Martha Puck. Despite being pretty, Stephanie is eager to hide her common roots. She owns a wedding boutique in 2006.

Stephanie was there when Martha first saw the tape of Ramon Delgado. She mistrusted him (because she is racist towards Latinos) and this is confirmed when they catch him stealing their television set. Instead of throwing him out, Martha convinced Ramon to join forces and become lonely hearts killers.

It is unknown what happened to Stephanie during this time. Martha and Ramon were still in the same apartment, yet Stephanie was always absent.

Stephanie is last seen in the epilogue looking at herself in the mirror, as if asking why she is still alone despite erasing her past.