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A teenage girl awakens from a coma months after the attack that killed the rest of her family. Though she remembers little from that night, the police learn she had a twisted admirer known only as "Romeo". While they look for Romeo, Lilly must deal with a sudden (but not unexpected) loss. In the end, though, it's Romeo who comes to them, with a weapon, determined not to let anyone get between him and his love, "Juliet"...


December 2006 The Jacobi family had just moved into their new house in Philadelphia. Adam Jacobi is a stressed, unemployed computer programmer. They discuss old memories. Emily insists life will be better in PA. Later, their neighbor, Mr. Reed, enters the home to give Kim and Stewart a lift to school, but found the family all dead on the floor, with the exception of Kim, who fell into a coma because of a severe gunshot wound to her head. The case was marked a homicide/suicide.

Months later, Kim awakens from the coma. Back then, they could never positively identify the father as the shooter, so they're hoping to get some information from Kim now. The DA wants the case closed. Kim is still traumatized by the events and is looked after by Ed Marteson, an employee of the rehab center. Though doctors say her memory is spotty, the detectives decide to try and get any information out of her. They ask Kim if she knows who did it, what they were doing when it happened. Kim flashes back to seeing her family dead and the gun pointed at her. Lilly confirms that Kim saw her father dead before she was shot, meaning he wasn't the shooter. Whoever shot them called himself Romeo.

Stillman, Valens and Vera discuss the case. The Jacobis were on the verge of bankruptcy. Lilly is taking care of her mother before she heads back into work. They discuss Lilly's favorite book as a child, Velveteen Rabbit. Back at the office, Miller and Valens question the neighbor, Mr. Reed. His and the Jacobis' kids carpooled together. He said Kim didn't listen to her dad, especially regarding her boyfriend; who was not mentioned in the report.

Flashback The Jacobis are bickering, per usual. Adam found Kim's online chats, but her boyfriend doesn't have a computer. Emily insists it's not their business.

Present Mr. Reed is not sure where Kim met the boyfriend, but he guesses school. He does remember seeing him scoping around outside the house one night, though. Miller and Jeffries go to the school to speak to who they believed was the boyfriend. Rick claims to have only been friends with benefits with Kim. And he couldn't be the online boyfriend, he doesn't own a computer.

Flashback Kim finds a note from a secret admirer. It's signed Romeo. But Rick denies it's from him and doesn't want her telling anyone it is. He scoffs at the note and drops it to the ground.

Present Jeffries figures the online chats may have been between Kim and Romeo. Miller states that they were able to find some info from the hard drives recovered at the Jacobi house. They find that Kim was conversing with someone named Montegue01. That's Romeo; Vera knows his Shakespeare. They have hours of chat sessions. But "Romeo's" writings got darker a couple weeks before the murders. He blamed Kim's family for her pain and crying. She stopped writing after that, Valens and Rush tell Kim she knew the man who killed her family, it was the person she was chatting with. Kim remembers hiding in the bathroom sometimes, wanting to call someone, but she had no friends.

Flashback Kim's parents are arguing, again. She runs the shower to drown out the noise. The phone rings and the person on the other end asks if she liked the rose. The caller tells Kim that he's watching her right now. She sees a figure outside. Romeo tells her he's in love and she draws a heart on the steam on the window. He asks her to put an arrow through it and she does. She looks up and he's gone.

Present Kim is now disgusted at her actions. Scotty notices a rose on her bedside table and asks who sent it. Kim has no idea. The card has a heart with an arrow through it. Jeffries and Stillman talk to the neighbor's son, Jeff. He remembers going over to the Jacobi house the night Stewart died. There was someone inside the house.

Flashback The computers are flashing different images of Kim. Her family is freaked out. She smiles and figures Romeo did it. Her dad asks if that's who she's been messaging. Emily confesses it wasn't Kim... it was her who was chatting with Romeo online. The computer continues to flash images.

Present Stillman and Jeffries figure Emily's chats may have brought the stalker into the home. Valens tells Miller that Kim made a call that night on her cell phone, to Rick. Scotty goes to find Lilly. He finds her at home. Her mom passed the night before. She was alone. Lilly's mad at herself for not being there when she passed. She asks Scotty to give her some time alone. Jeffries and Vera talk to Rick. He says Kim called him crying. He went to see her because he got attached.

Flashback Emily apologizes to her daughter. She initially thought she might be able to reconnect with some old friends. Then she'd lost herself and used Kim's images to appear better, younger. Adam is angry. Kim declares only Romeo really knows her. Rick is outside and sees Kim grab a gun from her father's filing cabinet.

Present Kim tried to talk to Rick about her problems, but he didn't hear her. Stillman offers Lilly his condolences. Ed brings Kim to the station. Lilly takes her aside to talk with her. She tells Kim that Rick saw her with a gun. Kim says she didn't hate her family, she hated herself.

Flashback Emily walks into Kim's room to find her holding a gun. She freaks out and calls Adam into the room. Kim cries to her parents that they are hurting their kids. She reminds them of Cincinnati. Adam suggests they should make some Kim goes to the kitchen to pop some corn on the stove. She turns and jumps at the sight of a red rose. Then, someone walks her father into the room covering his mouth with their hand, holding a gun to him.

Present Lilly tries to get Kim to remember who she saw that night. Kim's face changes as a gun is now held to Lilly's head. It's Ed. Stillman, Jeffries and Vera burst in. Ed grabs Kim hostage. Others run from the building. Ed orders them to cuff themselves to equipment. Stillman tries to reason with Ed, who is making demands. Jeffries calls to speak to the tactical commander. Police have now surrounded the building. Vera has his phone and secretly texts Valens, who tells the police outside that it's Ed holding them hostage. Ed explains to Kim he got the job in rehab so his would be the first face he saw when she woke up. Kim tells Ed he's disgusting. Sharpshooters fire at Ed. He's only wounded. He shoots Stillman in the right shoulder. He turns the gun to Lilly when she implores to Ed that Kim doesn't love him. She lets him know that Kim was not the one writing him online. Valens is pissed and makes his way in. Lilly tells Ed to get away from the windows and move to a room so he isn't shot. He grabs Kim and demands Lilly come with them. She leads him to the room on the other side of the mirror. Ed orders Lilly to shut the door behind her. Vera frees himself. Valens comes upstairs. Jeffries is tending to Stillman. Ed tells Kim he used to be an EMT. Lilly calls Vera and tells him they are in the observation room. Then gives her code for him to help. She questions why Ed shot Kim.

Flashback Ed tells Kim he's rescuing her from her family. He kills Adam. Emily runs out and offers herself up. He kills her, then Stewart. Kim tells Ed she hates him. But he won't hear it. He shoots her.

Present Lilly grabs Kim and walks her out of the room. Before she can leave, Ed stands and points the gun at her. Valens shoots Ed dead from the investigation room, but not before Ed gets a shot off. Afterwards, Kim "sees" her family and cries as Miller comforts her. To his horror, Scotty realizes Lilly is wounded. She had been hit by a bullet fired by Ed and she is seriously injured. Valens approaches her and desperately calls for help. Lilly is taken out on a stretcher. Nick glares at Ed's dead body. The team waits for word on her condition. Alex comforts Valens. Despite Lilly's mother dying, she is not without family.


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  • When it was initially assumed that Adam Jacobi killed his family, Scotty refers to the crime as "a John List kind of thing." John List murdered his mother, wife, and three children in 1971. He went on the run for 18 years before finally being caught in 1989.
  • The episode was remade as the twentieth episode of Cold Case - Door of Truth.
  • The flashback scenes are filmed with a hidden digital camera, presumably by Ed Marteson.


  • Coldplay "Speed of Sound"
  • Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars"
  • Aqualung "Brighter Than Sunshine"
  • Snow Patrol "Open Your Eyes"
  • Jet "Shine On"
  • Closing Song: Dashboard Confessional "Stolen"


  • Stephen Battaglio at TV Guide Online (05/04/2007): "Cold Case Preview: A Hostage Crisis Closes the Season!"

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