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Stacey Lee in 1983
Stacey in 1983
Stacey Lee in 2009
Stacey in 2009
Stacey Lee
Portrayed by Kyla Dang (1983)
Elaine Kao (2009)
Episode Chinatown
Status Alive

Stacey Lee is a character from "Chinatown". She is the little sister of Warren Lee.

Stacey was kidnapped by the Dragon Boys in 1983. Her cousin Jack Chao Lu paid her ransom and wanted to meet Bo-Lin Chen. The gang found out that he was wired and took him away. Jack was found dead the next day.

Afterwards, Stacey would not talk to anyone for a week. She was warned by Warren to never speak of what happened to her or Jack. Stacey grew up resentful of her brother and moved away from Chinatown when she was older.

Stacey is a real estate agent in 2009. When Jack's case was reopened, she told the police what she knew about him. In the epilogue, Stacey visited and presumably reconciled with Warren.