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Sonny Carroll in 1976
Sonny in 1976
Sonny Carroll in 2005
Sonny in 2005
Sonny Carroll
Portrayed by Mik Scriba (1976)
Jack Wallace (2005)
Episode Yo, Adrian
Status Deceased (2005)

Sonny Carroll is a character from "Yo, Adrian". He was a bar owner and boxing referee, and the father of Gina Carroll.

In 1976, Sonny officiated an exhibition fight (to capitalize on the success of Rocky) between Jerry Stone (who was in love with Gina) and Maurice "Mad Mo" Bell. Jerry bribed Sonny to keep the fight going no matter what to prove that he can go all 15 rounds. Sonny reluctantly did so. However, Jerry died from his injuries. Gina never forgave her father for not stopping the fight. Sonny had previously thought of Jerry as a "bum", only to be proven wrong by his death.

Sonny is on his deathbed in 2005. He confessed to Lilly Rush and John Stillman about the bribery and Jerry's death. He then asked the priest "Will he forgive?" and then died. No one knows who "he" is supposed to be. In the epilogue, Gina imagines seeing Sonny at his funeral reception, along with Jerry.