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Sloane Easton
Sloane in 1995
Sloane Easton
Portrayed by Meredith Salenger
Episode Ravaged
Status Deceased (1995)

Sloane Easton was the murder victim in "Ravaged".


Sloane was once well-loved and called "Everyone's All-American", being the homecoming queen in high school. She had a sister, Megan, who was Nick Vera's girlfriend in high school. Sloane was also a promising figure skater who almost competed in the 1980 Olympics.

At some point prior to 1995, Sloane married Seth and had two kids, Haley and Ryan. She was an alcoholic, which led to her and Seth getting divorced. On her last day alive, Sloane left her kids at a fast-food restaurant for five hours while she got drunk and then went to work. She realized that she couldn't beat her addiction and allowed Seth to take custody of Haley and Ryan.

Sloane worked as a waitress at Samson's Tavern. In truth, she was a confidential police informant who answered to Det. Julia Owens. She was tasked with keeping an eye on her boss, John Powell, who was dealing drugs and allowing dog fights to be conducted out of his bar. Sloane became attached to an injured dog named Ravage and begged Powell to let her keep him. He fired her but she gave him oral sex to persuade him to let her stay.

Afterwards, Sloane realized that she had hit bottom and decided to call Rick, an ex-alcoholic who she met earlier. They met in the parking lot where he tried to take advantage of her. Sloane thought he was low for taking advantage of a drunk who just sexually debased herself. Rick hit her on the head. She lost all coherence and just laid down in the snow to die.

Sloane's death was ruled an accident until 2005 when a chance encounter Megan had with someone who met her sister in the past got the case reopened. In the end, Rick was arrested and Powell was revealed to have adopted Ravage. Nick imagined seeing Sloane.