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Sloane in 1968
Sloane in 2006
Portrayed by Holly Lynch (1968)
Sarah Shelton (2006)
Episode Debut
Status Alive

Sloane was a debutante in 1968 in "Debut".


Sloane was one of the members of the country club in 1968. She was supposed to be in that year’s selection of debutantes but when Emma Vine was invited to join, Irene Ridgely gave her Sloane's spot, as the latter was considered expendable due to coming from new money. Sloane found out she had lost her spot when she saw that Landon Ridgely’s roses had come while hers hadn’t. She wanted to be a debutante more than anything and was very upset at having lost the opportunity, and blamed Emma.

Later, at dance rehearsals for the debutante ball, Sloane noticed Emma getting close with Travis Whitman, her escort, who was actually dating Landon and only escorting Emma as a favor to her. She told Landon about the two’s closeness, hoping that Emma would get kicked out as a result and Sloane would get her spot back. However, it didn’t work, and Emma remained a debutante.

The night of the debutante ball, Sloane was up in a hotel room with Landon, Travis, and Chip. She was so high on marijuana that she didn’t even notice Emma enter. Sloane even claimed that the debutante ball was in her head.