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Sister Grace Ashley
Sister Grace in 1958
Sister Grace Ashley
Portrayed by Autumn Reeser
Episode The Boy in the Box
Status Deceased (2004)

Sister Grace Ashley (1936-2004) was a nun who ran the Fernwood Home for Orphans with fellow nun Vivian Dole. She chaperoned the boys in the science club when they would go to the institute, where they were made sterile due to tests involving radiation. Whenever Grace was at the institute, she would meet up with Dr. Clayton Waters.

Grace died in 2004 of unknown causes. Her grave was put next to Arnold's, who was her secret illegitimate son.

Grace accidentally caused Arnold's death by having him treated with electroshock therapy in hopes of taming his "unruly" behavior and getting him adopted. Sister Vivian put Arnold's body in a cardboard box and left him in the woods where he was found by Walter Rafferty. He would revisit the site yearly and would see a woman leave a white rose at the same spot, not knowing that it was Sister Grace.

Nothing is known about Grace's former life. She is, however, good at forging documents as she made Arnold's birth certificate and linked him to his supposed sister, Gretchen Culliver.

Though never said out loud, it's obvious that she was the one who sent Arnold's personal effects to the police, which allowed them to finally solve his death.

In the epilogue, Grace is shown cheering on Arnold as he rides a horse at the horse fair.