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Simone Gallavan 1978
Simone in 1978
Simone Gallavan 2008
Simone in 2008
Simone Gallavan
Portrayed by Allison Smith (1978)
Deborah May (2008)
Episode Roller Girl
Status Alive

Simone Gallavan was murder victim Missy Gallavan’s mother.

She got divorced in 1978 and moved to a new apartment complex. Simone worked as a legal secretary and was in a relationship with Joe Bosquay. Missy tried to tell her mother that Joe had made a pass at her but Simone didn't understand. She also didn't approve of Missy befriending the seemingly promiscuous neighbor girl, Julie Reed, who Simone blamed when her daughter was found dead.

Simone and Julie reconciled after the case was closed in 2008, with Julie returning Missy's satin jacket to her. Simone also got some revenge on Joe by slapping him.