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Shinji in 1945
Shinji in 2007
Shinji Nakamura
Portrayed by Ron Yuan (1944-1945)
Keone Young (2007)
Episode Family 8108
Status Alive

Shinji Nakamura is a character in "Family 8108". He was in the Manzanar internment camp California in 1942.

In the beginning, Shinji hated Ray Takahashi for staying loyal to the US despite its treatment of Japanese-Americans, but they would become close and bond over their similarities, such as the brutal treatment they received, family problems, and the tragic death of their sons, who died while fighting in WWII at the time.

Shinji got out at after the war and moved to Philadelphia where he met Ray again. Shinji was sent his son's Medal of Honor and told Ray that he can get his late son Billy Takahashi one too if he applied. This turned out to be what got Ray killed.

Shinji is last seen still holding his son's medal, but he would trade it for his child back.