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Shelly Reid 2007
Shelly in 2007
Shelly Reid 2009
Shelly in 2009
Shelly Reid
Portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Episode Lotto Fever
Status Alive

Shelly Reid is a friend of lottery winner Ed Dubinski who knew her from before he won eight million dollars. A poor woman with a crappy car, Shelly would always bring her car to the auto shop where Ed would work and, sympathetic with her situation, he would do everything he could to help her out. After he won the lottery, unlike the rest of his friends, Shelly never begged him for money despite desperately needing it and was Ed's friend for who he was, not after his money, something that he always appreciated about her.

In 2009, Ed's murder case was reopened and it was eventually discovered that Ed left his last $100,000 to the one person who always needed the money but never asked for it and so he felt deserved it the most: Shelly. Ed had left the money in the trunk of her car, but without Ed around to help her out and not knowing why he also text her to get her car in the auto repair shop, Shelly was unable to pay for the repairs since she was charging $ 2,000 and instead taking the bus on her way home, since then they never found the money. After solving the case, the detectives helped Shelly found the money that Ed had left for her. Det. Rush and Sweeney recovered the briefcase that was stashed in the back of Shelly's car for a long time now, and inside it was the money and a letter for her stating that the money was meant for her tuition. But now she will be able to use the money that was left for her to have a good and better life. She also seen Ed's ghostly image in the end.