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Sheila Swett 1998
Sheila in 1998
Sheila Swett 2007
Sheila in 2007
Sheila Swett
Portrayed by Mackenzie Phillips
Episode That Woman
Status Alive

Sheila Swett is a character from "That Woman". She was the mother of the victim Carrie Swett.

Sheila had raised Carrie on her own since her husband left them. She was an open-minded and supportive parent, encouraging her daughter not to worry about what others thought of her when Carrie fretted over her promiscuous reputation. Despite how close they were, Carrie did not tell her mother that she was part of the Hearts Wait Club.

In 2007 after the case was solved, Detective Scotty Valens gave Sheila Carrie's secret note from the Hearts Wait Club, which said "I think that God loves me for who I am." Sheila is touched by this and blows out a candle on her late daughter's birthday cake, just like she did every year since Carrie's death.