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Sharon Lertola 1963
Sharon in 1963
Sharon Lertola 2009
Sharon in 2009
Sharon Lertola
Portrayed by Valerie Azlynn (1963)
Tess Harper (2009)
Episode November 22nd
Status Arrested

Sharon Lertola (or Blondie) was a character from "November 22nd". She was the partner of Patrick Lennox. Blondie scoped out which pool player he could hustle. She did not take kindly to Patrick bringing his newly found daughter, Hillary Rhodes.

Sharon was madly in love with Patrick and even prostituted herself to put up the $2,000 game fee so he could face Baltimore Red. The morning of November 22, she found Patrick walking through the Chestnut Hill suburbs and learned he was quitting to raise Hillary. Furious that he was abandoning her and apparently did not appreciate her sacrifice, she shot him in broad daylight. She escaped because the neighborhood was too distracted by the JFK assassination.

Sharon somehow hid her gun at Whitey's (Philly's premiere pool spot). The gun was found in 2009 and Patrick's case was reopened. By then, Sharon had become a waitress. She initially lied to the cold case team that her and Patrick's relationship was just professional. Eventually, the truth came out and she was arrested for the murder.