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Seth Lundgren 1969
Seth in 1969
Seth Lundgren 2008
Seth in 2008
Seth Lundgren
Portrayed by Braeden LeMasters (1969)
Richard Edson (2008)
Episode One Small Step
Status Deceased (2008)

Seth Lundgren was one of Danny Finch's friends and always hung out with him, Bobby Kent, and Chuck Pierce. During the Moon Landing in 1969, Danny died in mysterious circumstances but his death remained a cold case until 2008 when a toy rocket belonging to Danny was found, prompting the case to be reopened.

In 2008, Seth, who had since become a reclusive and diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, was brought in for questioning in regards to Danny's death after it's revealed he was the one who sent the rocket to the police. While left unattended in one of the interrogation rooms, Seth, still left reeling from the events that occurred in 1969 and presumably unable to cope anymore, hung himself with his belt.

Nick Vera, who'd been interrogating him, discovered Seth dangling from the ceiling and called for help. Despite the efforts of Vera and John Stillman, along with Lilly Rush who called for a medic team, Seth was later pronounced dead at the local ER, which left Vera feeling guilty over what had happened.

It was later discovered that Chuck was responsible for killing Danny and as a result, he was arrested.