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Sean Murphy in 1980
Sean in 1980
Sean Murphy 2003
Sean in 2004
Sean "Murph" Murphy
Portrayed by Jason Alan Smith (1980)
Todd Waring (2004)
Episode Glued
Status Arrested

Sean Murphy was a store owner at a small store in 1980 and disturbingly the killer of one of his customers, eight year old Tim Barnes. In spite of his hardworking ethic, he was also extremely bigoted against black people. He allowed Tim to slide when he didn't have enough money, partially because he held racist views against the black teenagers picking on him. One night, Tim went to buy a composition notebook but was short on money. Murphy let him slide, but unbeknownst to him Tim had been strong-armed by Latrell Richmond into shoplifting glue from him. Murphy saw this, and feeling personally betrayed (as well as feeling that Tim was stealing from all honest white guys) ran after Tim, and beat him unconscious before running off and leaving him to die in the snow. He later confessed to Father Declan, an action that would ultimately seal his downfall when Latrell (who was running away) witnessed him knocking on the door.

24 years passed, and Murphy moved on to found a real estate company. Scotty interviewed him, and Murphy was more than willing to point the finger at Latrell. He also made very little effort to hide his hatred for black people. Ultimately, the Police tracked down Latrell, who testified that he had not only seen Murphy banging on the Church door, and that he had strongarmed Tim into stealing glue for him. Having earlier realized that someone had confessed, the team deduced that Murphy had been the one who killed Tim. They call in Father Declan and make it seem like Declan is writing a confession (in reality it's just a baseball league). Murphy remained defiant at first, but after Stillman and Lilly told him that Declan had retired and was free to talk (as well as revealing that they knew about the glue) Murphy confessed, revealing that he had felt Tim had betrayed "all of us." Stillman told him that he just meant white guys. After confessing, Stillman led him out in handcuffs.