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Sean Flanagan 1980
Sean in 1980
Sean Flanagan 2009
Sean in 2009
Sean Flanagan
Portrayed by Kristopher Higgins (1979/1980)
James C. Burns (2009)
Episode Iced
Status Alive

Sean Flanagan is a character from "Iced". He is the older brother of Tommy Flanagan. They were taking care of their unseen mother who was dying. Sean used to be a champion ice hockey player in the Canadia AAA leagues. His career came to a halt when he got into a drunken motorcycle accident and injured his leg.

He became bitter when he found out that Tommy is trying ice hockey too. Sean got drunk one night and confronted Tommy on the ice for borrowing his prized Vesser hockey stick. He realized later that he has hit bottom and apologized to Tommy, saying he could keep the stick. Sean would regret this decision when the stick was later used to kill Tommy.

Tommy's murder was reopened in 2009 when the man who was accused of his death, Cullen Masters, asked the cold case team to help clear his name. Sean was the first to point to Tommy's friend Dwight Barnes as a suspect, and he was right. In the epilogue, Sean imagines seeing Tommy before he plays a pickup game with Cullen and Nick Vera.