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Sean Cooper
"Coop" in 1968
Sean "Coop" Cooper
Portrayed by Shane Johnson
Episode Forever Blue
Status Deceased (1968)

Sean "Coop" Cooper is the victim in "Forever Blue". He was the son of Brogan "Sarge" Cooper. John Stillman was his junior back in police academy.

Coop served in the Vietnam War. His zealous attitude as a soldier made him perfect for police work. Coop had used brutal tactics against criminals, and even turned a blind eye to hate crimes on occasion.

One night, Coop and his partner Jimmy Bruno got into an argument - Coop didn't like that Jimmy was on the take while Jimmy hated Coop's brutality. Their fighting soon turned into kissing. This was all witnessed by Jimmy's wife, Eileen Bruno.

Coop and Jimmy began having a secret affair, but it wasn't enough for Coop; he urged Jimmy to end his marriage as it was a sham and would only lead to heartbreak. Officer Owen Murphy witnessed this exchange and informed Sarge. He had already known that his son was gay, but telling his partner to end his marriage was too much so Sarge told Tom McCree to straighten Coop out. Sarge put out a fake domestic disturbance call, which Coop answered after Jimmy broke things off with him. When he arrived at the location, he was killed with two shotgun blasts by McCree against Sarge's wishes. Before he died, Coop reminded Jimmy that they were the lucky ones. The police tried to solve the case (Coop had four case boxes instead of just one) but were unsuccessful. Sean's portrait hangs in the same cop bar which has the portrait of Joe Washington.

The case was reopened in 2006 when Leon Krol, a dying old con, claimed that there was brick of heroine in Coop's car. After the case was solved, Jimmy imagined seeing Coop at the parking garage where they had their intimate moments.