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Scott Sawyer in 1999
Scott in 1999
Scott Sawyer in 2005
Scott in 2005
Scott Sawyer
Portrayed by Rodney Scott
Episode Start Up
Status Arrested

Scott Sawyer is a character from the 3rd season of Cold Case in the episode "Start Up".

He and Amy Lind had been friends since college and together with their chief investor Clifton Coleman, they created LionStaff, a search engine that could be used to look up disease symptoms. Scott is good at marketing.

Scott's poorly thought-out marketing schemes and reckless spending of Coleman's money put LionStaff $3 million in debt. He and Coleman started short-selling LionStaff stock to recoup their losses. When Amy noticed this, Scott was pressured by Coleman to kill her before she dug any deeper. Unbeknownst to him, Coleman had already tried to convince Amy to cut Scott loose but she remained loyal. Meanwhile, Scott was too obsessed with proving that he isn't a screw-up to notice that Coleman was playing him and Amy against each other.

In the present, Scott is caught trying to leave town and he confesses to poisoning Amy's energy drink. Upon learning of Coleman's manipulations, he remorsefully acknowledges that his former friend and partner was a better person than him. Before Amy died, she told Scott that she didn't regret LionStaff's failure and she'd be happy to have him as her partner again. Scott is arrested for murder.