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Rush's first homicide case, which tore up a struggling low income black family in the Badlands, comes back to haunt her as she learns that 4 of the victim's younger brothers get killed every 2 years on the exact date of the first brother's death.


November 25, 1999. The Bubleys, five sons and their mother, are gathered together for Thanksgiving. The boys joke around in a loving manner, mentioning that Luther's hair looks like Allen Iverson's sister's hair. Their mother Maeve invites them to say a prayer prior to eating. They thank God for all he provides, and she especially thanks her sons: Vaughn, for having taken responsibilities after their father's death; Cedric, for always bringing some stray dogs with him; Quincy, for always having goals and dreams; Luther, who doesn't look like Allen Iverson's sister, and their youngest, Patrick, whose wishes shall come true. Patrick also wants their mom's wishes to come true, and they start eating.

The scenery changes, and Vaughn is seen shot in 1999, Cedric in 2001, and Quincy in 2003. Their murders remain unsolved.

Present Another boy is shot dead, this time it is 2005, and Luther has been murdered. Vera and Rush are at the scene, being told by a man he has not seen anything. Valens, Jeffries and Stillman show up to inspect the crime scene. Jeffries and Rush conclude there has been a gang shooting, three dead, one hurt. A woman is heard screaming and running towards the detectives: it it Maeve, asking if this is her son, claiming he has been shot. Lilly says she knows this woman, it was her first murder scene: when Vaughn is shot. She talks to Maeve and is being told there were several dead sons up to now, and now they have gotten Luther. She mocks Lilly for not having solved the cases and says Patrick is the last son she has left: if he were to die, the police would also fail to investigate.

In the police department, Rush concludes that 4 out of 5 sons are shot, all in Fairhill, no case was solved. The shooting yesterday was probably related, but Miguel Maldonado seems to have a special hatred for the Bubley family, and no one knows why. They conclude Luther might have been assassinated, not just shot on accident during a gang fight.

Scotty visits Carlos, who was the surviving person at the shooting. He tells him that Luther has been shot, and suggests that Carlos has been ordered to shoot Luther since he is a Bubley. Carlos claims the family is uninteresting to Miguel, and after Scotty pushes him, he speaks.

Flashback In a shop are several people and two Bubley brothers arrive to get some groceries. They talk about skipping school, when Vaughn tells Patrick to not waste his talent like he did. When he sees the CCTV and Carlos playing around with a scooter, he orders his younger brother to leave. He does so, and Vaughn pulls out a gun, shooting Carlos in the knee, saying "This is for WEB D!". The shooting starts, men are running around.

Present Carlos claims he does not know what WEB D was, or why he was shot. Rush and Jeffries visit Patrick and inquire about his presence during the shooting, mentioning WEB D. He says they shouldn't care about Luther's death as he will take care. Maeve is also reluctant to help the police, as they haven't helped her up to now anyway, and she is being told Miguel is the prime suspect. She says she cannot help them. Lilly tells her she is dodging the question and Maeve was acting so different years ago, when Vaughn died. Back then, she really wanted help.

Flashback Vaughn is seen shot, and a young Lilly is at the scene. Her then boss is annoyed the family arrived and sends her to talk to them. She is insecure first, returning to her boss, who claims it's easy since "No human beings have been hurt". She snaps at him, asking rhethoricaly if he thinks that is funny, and he affirms that. Lilly tells him that this is not funny and proceeds to get to Maeve, telling her Vaughn Bubley has died. Lilly asks about any information, and Quincy tells her he wasn't a dealer or a junkie if that's what she's implying. Lilly denies that, and Maeve tells her he had been a good boy and like a father to his brothers. Patrick asks her again if Vaughn really died, and when she affirms this, he hugs her, tells her he will not make it without him, and she embraces him back.

Present That was a long time ago, says Patrick. Maeve mocks Lilly, claiming this is all a show and faked interest by a white, blonde police officer. Jeffries asks her what her deal is and she replies she has to plan a mourning ceremony and a funeral that she cannot afford if she wants to bury him in an honorable way.

Stillman asks a pondering Rush on the police department balcony how the interrogation went, and she blames herself for having shut down when Maeve cried. She tells him she wants to never do this again, behaving like her past boss, and says the Bubleys hate them, how can she prevent herself from doing the same?

The officers watch the CCTV of the shop the shooting started, and Lilly mentions a man that was also questioned 2003 when Quincy died, but has also seen nothing, and he apparently gets his money by dealing. Vera suggests the they play "No drugs today". Jeffries, him and Valens sit down and watch the street, intimidating all drug users and ruining the store. When a man comes up, they knock at Cartier's door and ask him where they should send his customer too. The latter is being shown a police ID before driving off, and Cartier complains he'll speak if they leave. He's asked about Luther shooting Carlos and what WEB D is, he claims to know nothing. But when asked about Quincy he tells them he started risking too much.

Flashback Cartier and Quincy get into the Bubley's home and carry food with them for Thanksgiving. Maeve asks Cedric if he has something for her, which he declines. She refuses to eat in order for her sons to eat more and sits down. They sit together at the table, their mother starting a prayer, unable to finish since she is confused and dizzy. She says next year will be better, she'll maybe get her job back. Quincy gets a sudden call at his phone and leaves his family alongside Cartier. Maeve tells her leaving boy next year all will change, when suddenly gunshots are being heard, the remaining sons run outside, their mother stays back.

Present He is being asked who shot him, but he says it was a drive-by. He suggests Quincy had been dealing at the wrong place, at Miguel's cousin's place, Jesus.

Nick and Scotty get to his place, a woman complaining Miguel hasn't visited but she is expecting his child. There, Scotty talks to Jesus, while Nick tries to talk to an angry woman leaving the house. The woman turns out to be pregnant and cannot pay for a medical checkup; when Jesus hears this, he asks Scotty what "his wife" is talking about to the other officer. Scotty warns if she gets close with drug dealers, Child Services will remove her kid from her custody. When he flips open his phone, Jesus is ready to talk. When asked about Quincy and the Bubleys dying, he claims they're doing it to themselves, to which he gets asked if they are responsible for being murdered? Really, he answers, when Cedric died it was clear to him.

Flashback The lady from Miguel's place, Leticia, is seen dancing with Jesus in a club. He tells her she doesn't matter to Miguel, how about she chooses him instead? She declines his offer and wants to get back to Miguel. She leaves upstairs with Jesus, and sees Maeve, being forced to get high- with Miguel.

Present Valens wonders what Maeve had to do with Miguel, the man who allegedly murdered her sons. In the interrogation room Lilly scolds her for being a bad mother. Will tells her that Cedric's corpse wasn't cold yet and Lilly finishes by saying their mother was too busy doing drugs. She wants to get out and doesn't want to speak about his night. She is left alone by the officers, telling her to do her rehab in here.

Vera is with Leticia in a doctor's office. If Miguel knows a cop got her here...he should have done that, not me, answers Vera. He asks her about the night she saw Miguel with Maeve but she replies he never told her about anything. He has killed four of her sons while leaving her pregnant and abandoned, what keeps her from leaving him? Leticia tells him that one of the Bubleys almost wanted to get shot: Cedric. He was murdered the same night.

Flashback The same club, but earlier. Cedric is walking into the room straight to Miguel and Leticia. He tells him he has shot Vaughn, two years ago, and his family cannot forget about that. Miguel mocks him, when Cedric pulls out a gun, and he shoves Leticia in front of him. She talks him down by claiming she had seen him at the pet shop when she got something for her cats. Cedric refuses to shoot and injure Leticia, tells Miguel he has ruined their family, and leaves. Miguel yells he should have shot, and Leticia leans away from him.

Present Perhaps Miguel went after him? She says Miguel is a bad man, but her chid is hers. Vera comments ironically he'd be a great father.

In the police department, Will, John and Lilly write up a timeline: in 1999 Vaughn is shot by Miguel, then Cedric, the then-breadwinner, dies in 2001, Quincy, taking his place, deals in the wrong streets and gets shot in 2003, and the Luther shots Carlos and dies in a shooting. They wonder what WEB D is, the reason everyone is dying. Patrick gets into the room and asks where his mother is. Lilly talks to him, saying he was the best in his class, when he suddenly dropped in score. He tells her he had other things to do. They start arguing, he says it's just a black dude, why would the police care? Lilly is enraged and tells him to leave, which he does. Maeve asks to speak.

She is having cravings and tells them she'll speak if she can leave afterwards. She is being asked why she was with Miguel and claims she had been clean, until this specific day. Rush tells her her "drug career" is irrelevant, Maeve pleads her to not tell Patrick. Maeve gives in, she will speak, and she hopes they will choke on that.

Flashback Maeve is sitting next to Miguel, saying her son is said to be inside a trash container somewhere in Philly. Miguel affirms that, and she continues that there are a lot of trash containers here - didn't he aim at my girl?, Miguel interrupts her- and she needs to know where he is to bury him. Miguel claims he understands, but nothing is for free. She says she doesn't have money, to which he touches her finger, when Maeve retracts and tells him to leave her alone. She pleads for the information, when he ridicules her by wetting his finger and bringing it close to her mouth. Maeve says no, and he pulls her close, asking her to first try to suck this, and sticks a crack pipe into her mouth.

Present She answers Scotty by saying Cedric was inside a trash container, thrown away like a piece of meat. Maeve is crying, asking if Lilly is satisfied, to which she answers no. She tells her to go tell Patrick now if she wants more, and Lilly tells her they won't. She leaves to find the next dealer.

Stillman, Valens and Rush talk about Miguel: they could arrest him for rape, but without Maeve's testimony he won't face prison. They plan on talking to Miguel and Jesus, keeping in mind they need to find a way to prevent Patrick from seeking revenge and getting killed, too. Jeffries, Veira and Valens are collecting Miguel and Jesus. They bring Jesus to under a bridge to talk. He asks if they want to beat him up; they reply they would love to, but they know Miguel has shot the Bubleys yet they are lacking evidence. Jesus asks if this is his problem, and Scotty asks him if he really wants Miguel to come free and not rule the streets anymore. Also, Leticia would stay with him, and the child would have a father. He tells them Miguel is family, but the allure of being king of all lets him speak. They ask about Vaughn in 1999.

Flashback Vaughn is seen with Patrick and a scooter, teaching him to ride it. Jesus watches them, when he sees Patrick get into the wrong street. Vaughn follows him and sees Miguel threaten Patrick and takes the scooter as a prize. Explaining the scooter means a lot to his brother Vaughn asks Miguel to please give it back to him, which he refuses. Jesus gets to Miguel to talk him down into giving up the toy scooter when Vaughn grabs it, both him and Miguel pulling it. The latter threatens him, then hands him the scooter. He tells him he won, Vaughn turns, then gets shots by Miguel.

Present Vera and Scotty conclude WEB D is the scooter and the reason all four brothers were murdered. Lilly brings Patrick to the storage and lets him see all the unsolved cases. She shows him his brother's boxes: he will end up just like him if he continues this revengeful road. She points at a blank space next to these boxes. Patrick tells her the dead want him to do so and she would never understand, to which she replies yes, she never would, but she wants to. Why?, asks Patrick. Lilly tells him that this is the only way she can remain human- and that he can continue living, even without them. She inquires about WEB D and cannot accept four boys have been killed for a stupid toy. Patrick tells her it was never just about the toy: WEB D meant everything.

Flashback A school is honoring an essay contest. The Bubley's all sit in the front row. Patrick is this year's winner and gets handed a scooter. His director tells him to read a bit from his essay, which he does. He recites, "Here in Philadelphia, 1910, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois had written the following: on this planet there is no greater power than the power of a man who rises up." And then, Patrick says, he also thinks this way! He names his scooter after William, W.E.B. Du Bois.

Present Patrick leaves the storage. Miguel is behind prison bars. Cartier continues dealing. Maeve is seen in front of a recovery center for drug addicts. Jesus and Leticia are together and replace Miguel's place. The police detectives are seen at their favourite bar, where Lilly "sees" her ex-boss' reflection and smiles when he vanishes - she has not become like him. Patrick goes back to school and "sees" his brothers watching over him.

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  • The title and concept of this episode are references to the 1998 film Saving Private Ryan, about a World War II mission to save the youngest son whose brothers were killed in the war.


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