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Sanil Hindocha in 1981
Sanil in 1981
Sanil Hindocha in 2008
Sanil in 2008
Sanil Hindocha
Portrayed by Ronobir Lahiri (1981)
Ajay Mehta (2008)
Episode The Dealer
Status Alive

Sanil Hindocha is a minor character from "The Dealer". He is an Indian immigrant who came to the United States in 1979.

Sanil became a salesman at Steed Motors in 1981 but was fired for his poor performance and replaced with Donna D'Amico. He was resentful at first until he saw how poorly Mickey Thompson and Frank Wilson treated customers after they sold them their cars, and became thankful to be leaving instead. Sanil went to night school, learned computer coding and became a programmer.

He is the diametric opposite of Oscar Anderson--Sanil found satisfaction doing another line of work while Oscar held on to his glory days of being top salesman to the point of debasing himself.