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Sandra Riley in 1998
Sandra in 1998
Sandra Riley in 2005
Sandra in 2005
Sandra Riley
Portrayed by Audrey Wasilewski
Episode Revenge
Status Alive

Sandra Riley was the ex-wife of murder victim Rudy Tanner and mother to Archie Tanner. She was unaware of the sexual abuse of her own son by his father and the sexual also abuse being done to Kyle Bream, the nine year old soon to be manslaughter/murder victim, also being caused her perverted former husband and father of their son (He was sold to Rudy by own uncle, Ed Kripke because he was trying to get money from his own nephew‘s family: his brother in law and sister in law: Kyle’s mom, Tina was the sister to Ed’s ex-wife). After Kyle’s death, she recognized him and realized what Rudy had done. Consumed with guilt she met with Tina Bream and informed her about Rudy and Kyle. This ultimately led to Tina‘s husband and Kyle’s father, Ken Bream killing Rudy by shooting him multiple times in revenge for their son’s death.