Season : 3
Episode: 15
Directed by: Alex Zakrzewski
Written by: Steve Sharlet
Production Number:
Airdate: 12 March 2006
Date of Crime: 28 September 1998
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The arrest of a notorious drug dealer leads to the detectives reopening the murder of a woman who worked for him in 1998. Scotty was working undercover at the time, but never talked about it because he got too close to the victim.


Flashback A woman is taking the escalator down in an airport. She meets with a man, a young Scotty Valens. Forward to the Anna's body lying in the street dead, gutted.

Stillman and Rush are walking to a crime scene. They meet with Scotty who informs them of a parallel with a job he was working undercover on years before. A man is being put in handcuffs when Scotty walks in. He introduces himself as Detective Valens. Ramiro is angered to learn he's a cop. Scotty asks what he did to Anna. He is then taken out of the house by the arresting officer, leaving Scotty with unanswered questions.

Jeffries talks to Valens about him not mentioning his undercover job for Ramiro back when. Scotty has a hard time looking at the picture, but downplays his relationship with her.

Flashback Anna is gushing over the flowers Scotty gave her..and the kiss they shared. Anna opens a picture. She wants to get a real job. She folds it up and puts it away. But they both know Romero won't let her go.

Scotty says he dropped her at the motel so they could collect the goods from the girls. The next morning, she was found dead. But he couldn't look into it at the time, he was still undercover. Valens and Rush question Ramiro. He says he knew all about Scotty's feelings for Anna, he was very obvious. Scotty slaps him. But why gut her like a fish? He denies it, says someone's making it look like it was him. Says Anna lost her mind.

Flashback Anna is consoling a mule. She's only doing this to help her son. Anna turns down Ramiro's request to make another run. But he wants her to stick around, she's good at bluffing. She says he can't keep her there, but he has her passport book.

Ramiro claims when he came back a few minutes later, she was gone. Frustrated, Scotty leaves the room. Ramiro tells Lilly that Scotty was all over Anna then. She leaves the room. Vera questions Miller about the traficking. He tells Stillman he thinks they have a lead, Father Peronto. He serves the church where Anna's body was found. Valens and Jeffries go to speak with him. He thought the body was a warning to him not to reach out to the girls. He didn't help the cops in '98 because most of his parishoners are illegals and involved in such activities. He remembers a girl named Ceci that was with Anna. Miller and Rush find Ceci, now a housekeeper. She shows a scar she got when she tried to run. The only reason she was able to get out was because her body couldn't handle it any longer. She was useless to them. She remembers Anna as a nice girl, working to help her sister.

Flashback Anna is talking to Ceci about her little sister and her dreams to become a secretary. Ceci talks about wanting to run to FL with her boyfriend. They daydream of what could be. Anna tells Ceci she ran and left a new lady, Treya, with Ramiro. She was sick. Then she admits she stole two cookies. She plans to use them to barter back her passport.

Present Ceci says she went back to the hotel. It was the last time she saw her. Valens is back in with Ramiro. They know Anna came back that night. He continually tries to talk Valens down. Ramiro says, yes, Anna returned...but with no drugs.

Flashback Ramiro asks for the cookies. Anna tells him she does not have them, but wants her passport and $1000. A man walks out and says he got them. Behind him is a woman lying dead, cut up in the tub. It's Treya. Sometimes they die, casualty of the job. There is pounding at the door. Ramiro opens it to find Father Peronto on the other side. Anna runs to him and they leave together.

Present Ramiro says the Father was there to take care of his newest girl. He was being unholy with the young girls he was "helping". Jeffries and Vera question Father Peronto. He says he was there to protect her. But they think he was looking for more. He sinned for the greater good. He took Anna from the hotel to safety, for the night.

Flashback Anna lights a candle at the church. She feels guilty over Treya. Father assures her she was giving her hope, not false promises. He tells her she must leave because Ramiro will be by in the morning looking for her. But he still has her passport, she can't go home. Then she'll find work, she'll sell the drugs she stole. But Father wants her to forget all that, find herself. He gives her a wad of cash he had hidden. She pulls out a folded piece of paper, she knows where she can stay.

Present Father heard her use the name Alvero when she called from the rectory phone. Miller and Lilly realize Alvero was Scotty's undercover name. Stillman and Rush confront Valens. They know he talked to her that night. He denies it. But why would she have your number? Scotty admits he screwed up. Anna got into his head. He says he never told her that he was a cop, but Anna figured it out.

Flashback Scotty and Anna are driving and talking. Anna admits she took his phone. She knows who he really is. He shuts her up fast. They pull into a motel. She asks for his number. He tells her he can't, so this is goodbye. As she goes to get out of the car, he writes down his number, but only if she's in trouble.

Present He wasn't disciplined, that's why he doesn't mention this part of his past. He gave her his undercover line at the station. Only his boss could have answered it. Stillman and Valens confront his old boss. He admits Anna called that night. He didn't tell Scotty because he was trying to protect the bust. Scotty screwed up. Anna threatened to meet up with his boss at the station, and he couldn't let Cortez find her there. He met up with her.

Flashback She is surprised to find someone other than Alvero meet up with her. She knows she's in trouble, Ramiro is after her. But someone came in a car to pick her up.

Present The girl in the passenger seat had long, dark hair. All hopped up. Vera talks with Scotty on the balcony. Scotty is blaming himself for the way everything went down. Vera tells him he has heart, that's not a bad thing to have.

Miller and Rush question Ceci. She denies it being her in the car. She was the one who knew Anna stole those two cookies. They want to know who the driver was. She finally admits it was her boyfriend driving. She had told hi about the cookies Anna had. They went to find her. Ceci just wanted to get to Miami.

Flashback Anna believes Ceci is there to help her. She says her boyfriend will drive them all the Miami. But she keeps questioning Anna about the cookies. Anna realizes they are only there for the cookies, not to help her. She tries to escape, but they lock the doors. She denies swallowing the cookies, but they know better. The boyfriend pulls a knife and they drive away. Anna looks up n the window of a nearby building. She seems a woman at a desk and looks down at the secretary picture she carries. The car syop and Anna's gutted, lifeless body is pushed out of the back seat.

Present Lily handcuffs Ceci. Stillman shakes the hand of Scotty's old boss. Ramiro's old runner is arrested, bloody, in a room of female runners. Ramiro is behind bars. Miller marks Anna's box closed. The Father is at the church. Scotty lights a candle at the church, where a package is taped under the staue. He sees Anna nod at the statue and fade away,


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  • The exterior of the church of Father Peralta is also seen in the episode of Season 7 "Two Weddings" but with different interiors.
  • Ceci is the one of the only two female killers in Season 3, the other being Deidre Miller.
  • The Hooverphonic song "Mad About You" which is used in the flashback where Scotty is driving with the victim is a mistake, as the song wasn't released until 2000. The flashback was in 1998.


  • Massive Attack "Teardrop"
  • Hooverphonic "Mad About You"
  • Control Machete "Grin-Gosano"
  • Mono "Life in Mono"
  • Morcheeba "Let Me See"
  • Control Machete "¿Comprendes Mendes?"
  • Closing Song: Enigma "Return to Innocence"

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