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Samantha Robbins 1970
Samantha in 1970
Samantha Robbins 1973
Samantha in 1973
Samantha Robbins 2003
Samantha in 2003
Samantha Robbins
Portrayed by Tianna Danielle Kenney (1970 and 1973)
Dee Freeman (2003)
Episode The Runner
Status Alive

Samantha "Sammie" Robbins is a woman who delivered a tape recorder from a 1973 murder to Detective Rush, prompting an investigation into the abandoned case. Sammie uses the alias "Denise Thunderbunk" sometimes. Known for being a dope-shooter and a bum, it later turns out that she got hooked on drugs as a little girl by accident and that Joe Washington was trying to rescue her from losing her childhood to addiction and abuse. Sammie is believed by Diane Washington to be a skank who was fooling around with her husband, but Detective Rush eventually introduces the two women, explaining Sammie's real story and securing Joe's good name once and for all. Sammie often wears 1970's play dresses and curly pigtails in her hair.