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Salvador Martin in 2000
Salvador in 2000
Salvador Martin in 2004
Salvador in 2004
Salvador Martin
Portrayed by Geoffrey Rivas
Episode Discretion
Status Arrested

Salvador Martin was and still is a detective for Connecticut, specifically New Haven. He is also know for killing young ADA Greg Vizcaino. He did the heinous crime because Greg found out that Sal lied to him and everyone else that twenty two year old college graduate Stacy Hall’s rapist and murderer was then seventeen year old Antonio Mendez. But the REAL killers were two well to do young males, also in college. Sal lied because Antonio was an easy target and he was at the site of the rape and murder, but AFTER it happened! He also internationally left out the statement of a witness who saw everything go down. The witness was Ramon, a young male prostitute who was in the area at the time; he did this because he was very bias on everything: on Antonio, on Ramon, the "two bit hustler, the uncrediable witness", as Sal called him. So, like mentioned earlier....Greg was understandably furious at the thought of a young man being thrown away in jail for a crime, so horrible and henious, one he didn’t commit. He also outraged that an authority figure would lie intentionally AKA Salvador Martin. He called him out and made sure before leaving, labeling Sal for who he REALLY was: "A disgrace." Sal would lose it and began heniously stabbing the young ADA to death. Why I called it "henious"? Mr. Vizcaino was stabbed twelve times: six stab wounds in his chest and back each.