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Sadie in 1939
Sadie Douglas
Portrayed by Meta Golding
Episode The Letter
Status Deceased (1939)

Sadie Douglas was the victim in "The Letter". In 1938, she was a black woman living in a boarding house with prostitutes. She emigrated to Pennsylvania but had to leave her 10-year-old daughter back in Virginia.

Sadie was being harassed by Nathan Jones (Jonesy) and Pierce McClintock, a couple of racist milkmen. Turned out that Jonesy was in love with her and would write her love letters. Sadie was illiterate and needed help from Arletta Marion to write her replies. Soon, Sadie and Jonesy became a couple.

What Jonesy neglected to mention was that he was part of a white supremacist group called the Fifth Day. He tried to get Sadie to leave with him to New York but she wouldn't abandon her daughter. The Fifth Day then showed up and gang-raped Sadie. She was suffocated to death by Jonesy to stop her suffering.

Sadie was originally thought to have been murdered by a "John" gone wrong. This caused her daughter to think negatively of Sadie until her own death.

In 2004, Sadie's granddaughter Sarah Tucker had her case reopened after finding one of her grandmother's letters where she said that she might be hurt by "the milkman". Sadie's case file is so old that it's not even kept at the precinct, but at a storage facility. Although Pierce had since died, Jonesy was eventually arrested (presumably along with the surviving rapists). Sadie's spirit was last seen at the storage facility by Lilly Rush.