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Rudy Tanner was also the name of a character seen in the episode "Revenge". It's unlikely they were meant to be the same person, since Lilly Rush was familiar with the one from "Love Conquers Al", but the one in "Revenge" was a school administrator whom she was not familiar with.
Rudy Tanner
Episode Love Conquers Al
Status Unknown

Rudy Tanner was the attorney who represented Al Clarkson when he was tried for the murder of his girlfriend Paige Pratt in 1983. Tanner's professional reputation was less than stellar; Al would later describe him as a "strip-mall hack" and only hired him because he didn't know how to find a better lawyer. Al was later convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Tanner's whereabouts in 2003, when Al was exonerated and released, are unknown.