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Roy Minard 1995
Roy in 1995
Roy Minard 2004
Roy in 2004
Roy Minard
Portrayed by Jeffrey Nordling
Episode Hubris
Status Arrested

Roy Minard was the professor, lover and killer of Holly Richardson.

Arrogant and charming, Roy had a history of seducing his students behind his wife's back and stringing them along in a secret affair, before dumping them and moving on to the next woman. A previous student/lover of his, Barbara Carise, attempted to warn Holly that Roy would never leave his wife and she should move on. Having taken this advice to heart upon seeing Roy with his family at a party, Holly decided to break off their affair. However, Roy didn't want to lose his control over Holly, unable to accept her leaving him instead of vice versa. He reacted violently, first grabbing her, then beating her with a car antenna when she walked away from him, and finally strangled her to death.

Despite his attempts to frame a schizophrenic student named Barry Tepler who had an unrequited crush on Holly, the police found out about Roy's affair and zeroed in on him before they realized the significance of the intended clues. After Holly's death, he would lose his family, job and reputation. Determined to get it back, Roy arranged the murder of a prostitute named Lenore Grandy to throw suspicion off of him. His plan failed when the intended fall guy cooperated with police, leading to Roy's arrest.