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Roy Gardocki 2005
Roy in 2005
Roy Gardocki 2007
Roy in 2007
Roy Gardocki
Portrayed by Vyto Ruginis
Episode Cargo
Status Alive

Roy Gardocki was the foreman at the Harrison Marine Terminal where Mike Chulaski worked in 2005. He was also taking bribes from a man named Kiril to look the other way while cargo containers were used to transport girls into the country from Eastern Europe.

On May 20, 2005, Mike stumbled onto one such container. Noticing one girl, Lena Golovnka, was sick, he took her to Roy's office to recover. Roy, after finding out, urged Mike to put Lena back before Kiril found out. Mike, who quickly became protective of Lena, refused to do this, and threatened to turn Roy in if he tried to get in Mike's way.

Mike was murdered soon after, his death going unsolved for two years. In 2007, the case was reopened, and Roy was questioned by Lieutenant John Stillman and Detective Nick Vera about what happened. Stillman, who had worked the docks himself as a teenager, appealed to Roy to come clean. Roy then explained what he knew about Mike and Lena.

After Mike's case was closed, it's unknown if Roy was charged for accepting bribes from the prostitution ring.