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Roween Ryan
Roween in 2000
Roween Ryan
Portrayed by Tina Holmes
Episode Dog Day Afternoons
Status Deceased (2000)

Roween Ryan was the victim and one-accomplice of the bank robbery that hit the bank she worked at in 2000.


Three weeks before the robbery, she turned 30 which was celebrated with her mother Mary Ryan and sister Terri Ryan.

Prior to the robbery, she met Julius Carver. She had wanted to back out and was tricked into believing that they had. Unbeknownst to her, he was just using her to carry out the robbery.

On the day of the robbery, she pressed the silent alarm, causing her to be killed by Phil Jorgensen.


  • The portrayer Tina Holmes was very fond of reading books and also happens to be the author of her own book titled "The Gift of Hockey", which explains that her character here in the series was very fond of books too.