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Rose Collins 1932
Rose in 1932
Rose Collins 2005
Rose in 2005
Rose Collins
Portrayed by Samantha Streets (1932)
Piper Laurie (2005)
Episode Best Friends
Status Deceased (2005)

Rose Collins was a girl who became friends and later lovers with Billie Ducette in 1932 before the latter's death.


When Rose was young, her parents died, leaving her in the care of her older brother, Curtis Collins. Curtis began selling liquor to clubs and taking her in the car. One night, she spotted Billie changing into boys clothes before going into a club.

Being interested in the music coming from the club, Rose returned the evening that Billie Holiday performed. She sat at the bar next to Billie and Winsor "Doc Win" Watson, and ordered a drink. After she was turned away, Rose was approached outside of St. Abigail's School by Billie. They slowly but surely fell in love.

Rose, fed up with her possessive and controlling brother, and Billie, fed up with the homophobia, decide to run away together to New York. They were chased by Curtis in his car. In a state of desperation, Rose and Billie drive their truck over a bridge, hoping it will dissuade Curtis from chasing them further and so they could be together. After the car falls into the river, only Rose surfaces.

She got to New York and started a family, with Curtis not even knowing that she's alive. However, Rose never stopped loving and mourning Billie, guilt-ridden that she survived while Billie didn't.

Rose is a great-grandmother in 2005. It is implied that she died after confessing to the cold case team. Her spirit is reunited with Billie at last.