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Rt 1993
Ronnie in 1993
Rt 2010
Ronnie in 2010
Ronnie Tavares
Episode Shattered
Status Arrested

Ronnie Tavares was a then teenage boy and the former best friend of Matt Doherty, the son of Patrick Doherty, deputy comissioner for the city of Philadelphia. He is also known for being an accomplice in the 1993 murder of Wanda Johnson, a fifteen year old acquaintance of his and Matt’s. Matt would be Wanda’s killer when the gun, belonging to Patrick would accidentally go off while he and Ronnie were fighting over it. It would hit Wanda in the chest: a fatal injury, as she died instantly. Overwhelmed with emotion (regret and fear), they would flee in their car, with Wanda‘s dead body in tow and dump her remains in an unsavory part of Philly: The Bandlands, a neighborhood full of rundown homes, drugs, alcohol, bums, prostitutes, AKA all the evils in the world. Sixteen years later in 2010, the two, now former buddies, split apart by their dark secret and the different paths they lead: Matt, now with a family of his own and Ronnie: single, an addict, and a thief would be brought in for questioning when evidence of them being involved in Wanda’s death would be discovered and her case being reinvestigated. They would remorsefully confess and even said it was an accident and nothing was supposed to happen, like somebody dying.