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Ronnie Jacks 1999
Ronnie in 1999
Ronnie Jacks 2009
Ronnie in 2009
Ronnie Jacks
Portrayed by Michael J. Pagan (1999)
Darcas Macopson (2009)
Episode Forensics
Status Alive

Ronnie Jacks was best friends with murder victim Luke Cronin in "Forensics". The two boys were on the debate team together at Jefferson High School.

Ronnie and Luke's friendship would splinter when Luke left Jefferson to enroll in Maynerd Green, a prestigious private school, when his debate talent caught the eye of Maynerd's coach, Darren Musk. It was a long time before the boys would have their last two meetings before Luke's death. First, Ronnie assaulted Luke at a celebration that Maynerd Green held after a win because he saw his debate supplies, specifically his bin carrying his papers, in Luke's possession; Ronnie thought he took them as a cruel joke, but the real thief was one of Luke's classmates, the rich party boy Oliver Calhoun. Later, Ronnie came by Maynerd Green to apologize to Luke, where he found his friend was using drugs to improve his debate performance. Ronnie became concerned and convinced Luke to stop, which was one of the factors in Luke's decision to leave Maynerd.

Ronnie is a debate coach himself in 2009. When Luke's case was reopened, he was accused of murdering his best friend out of jealously towards Luke leaving for Maynerd Green and feeling abandoned when Luke became closer with the debaters at his new school. However, what really hurt Ronnie was that he and Luke weren't able to just hang out anymore. After the case is solved, Ronnie is last seen teaching something that he learned from Luke: "I AM MY OWN EVIDENCE."