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Ronde Brooks 1970
Ronde in 1970
Ronde Brooks 2009
Ronde in 2009
Ronde Brooks
Portrayed by Jamie Hector (1970)
Steven Williams (2009)
Episode Soul
Status Alive

Ronde Brooks is a character from "Soul". He is the founder and primary music producer of Ronde Records.

In 1970, Ronde's secretary Beatrice Sloan brought in Billy Sanders and Buster Large as session musicians. Billy proved to be a lot more talented and soon became a composer himself. He also brought his friend Chandra Patterson as a backup singer.

Ronde and Billy clashed over musical direction and Ronde's management in general. Ronde also short-changed Billy, a practice that even Beatrice knew.

When Beatrice got pregnant with her son Archie Sloan, Ronde offered Billy money for an abortion. Billy quit instead and demanded $10,000 that he was owed. Ronde allowed him to quit but paid him just $5,000 in exchange for sole credit. After Billy died, Ronde fired Chandra.

Ronde is a music legend by 2009 and is to be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. He pointed to Buster and then to Geraldine Watkins as suspects. As he was not the killer, Ronde got away with everything and effectively buried Billy's legacy.