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Rodney Johnson 1987
Rodney in 1987
Rodney Johnson 2005
Rodney in 2005
Rodney Johnson
Portrayed by Chris Foreman (1987)
Miles Watson (2005)
Episode Time To Crime
Status Arrested

Rodney Johnson is a character from "Time to Crime". He is an arms dealer.

On August 9, 1987, Rodney got caught up in a drive-by shooting in a park where a little girl named Kayla Odoms was shot dead. He ran three blocks to a payphone to save her life but the ambulance arrived 30 minutes late.

Rodney was interrogated about Kayla's death when the case was reopened in 2005. He admitted that he had an affair with her mother, Jessie Odoms. The cold case team discovered that it was Kayla's brother Darnell Odoms who accidentally killed her while trying to kill Rodney, much to the latter's shock. In fact, Rodney sold him the MAC-10 used in the shooting.

Rodney is last seen being put in a cell. He will be charged with accessory to murder or even conspiracy to commit murder.