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Dobber Metz 1938
"Dobber" in 1938
Robert Metz 2007
Robert in 2007
Robert "Dobber" Metz
Portrayed by Chip Hormess (1938)
Lawrence Pressman (2007)
Episode World's End
Status Alive

Robert Metz (or Dobber) is a character in "World's End". He is the son of Felton Metz and Audrey Metz.

They were a well-to-do-family until Felton lost his job as vice-president of some company. Audrey secretly became a taxi dancer to support them because Felton refused to get a job that was beneath his education.

Audrey disappeared in 1938 after the War of the Worlds broadcast. Dobber secretly knew that his father was involved, having heard his mother come home later that night while he was in bed, but he could do nothing as he was just a little boy.

Dobber is still taking care of his father in 2007. He lied to the cold case team by saying that he and his father drove around looking for their mother until they heard on the car radio that the Martian attack was a hoax. Scotty Valens' knowledge of cars proved useful in disproving this alibi; the Metz's used to own a 1930 Packard but car radios were first installed in the 1932 models so there would've been no way for them to hear the broadcast on the road. Dobber confessed that he did not want to know that his father killed his mother. He begged the team to let Felton live his last days in peace, but they still arrested him.