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Robert Boreki 1973
Robert Boreki in 1973
Robert Boreki 2008
Prof. Robert Boreki in 2008
Robert Boreki
Portrayed by Justice Leak (1973)
James Read (2008)
Episode Glory Days
Status Alive

Robert Boreki was Mike McShane's tutor at the University of Pennsylvania. He was also one of a number of academically capable students whose "tutoring" of the Warriors football team took the form of completing essays for them.

However, Mike was actually surprised when Robert said he would complete Mike's Beowulf paper for him and indicated that he had expected tuition from Robert, not someone to do all his work. Robert explained how the system worked and how students like himself kept athletes like Mike in college. He appeared to hold a considerable amount of contempt for the entire Warriors' team.

Shortly after Tom "Breeze" Bernard was kicked off the Warriors' team, Robert confronted Mike, having learnt that Mike had submitted his own Beowulf paper. Robert was upset because he believed that Mike would receive a bad grade with his own work and this, in turn, would cause trouble for Robert, who was paid to ensure the GPA of the football students he tutored stayed above a certain number. If Mike's GPA dropped because he had done badly on his paper, Robert would get the blame. He also informed Mike of the steroids that the entire Warriors' team were taking. Mike, in response, asked what Robert's scholarship would think of the fact that he helped college football players cheat. This argument highlights Robert as a suspect in Mike's murder for the Cold Case team.

Shortly before Mike's murder, Robert reconciled with him. Mike had seen a doctor for tests and learned that he has liver damage caused by steroids. He expressed sorrow for not having listened to Robert sooner. Robert, in turn, told Mike that he had scored a B+ on his Beowulf paper, without his help. They parted on good terms; Mike promised to leave some 'family and friends' tickets to the game for Robert and gave him a nickname from the tale of Beowulf: 'Wiglaf' - the only warrior who stood by Beowulf at the end.

In 2008, Robert had become a professor at UPenn. At the end of the episode, he gives Mike's mother Judy McShane her son's term paper on Beowulf.