Cold Case Wiki
Robert in 1953
Portrayed by Kendre Berry
Episode Red Glare
Status Unknown

Robert was a young boy who joined the fourth grade class taught by Elliot Garvey on Apirl 4, 1953 after his family moved from St. Louis to Philadelphia. His father was a drummer in a band called the Gene Dillon Trio.

Being the only African-American student in class, several other students were wary of him, despite Elliot's warm welcome. After he showed them one of his father's records and told them how his father had once played with Louie Armstrong, the other students were fascinated and eager to be his friend.

Unfortunately, Principal Jenkins promptly entered the class and removed Robert, telling Elliot there'd been "a mix-up" and Robert was at "the wrong school".

The incident compelled Elliot to become active in the anti-segregation movement, which in turn led to his coming under suspicion of the House Committee on Un-American Activities and ultimately his murder.

Robert's whereabouts in 2004, when Elliot's case was reopened, are unknown.