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Rob Deamer 1983
Rob in 1983
Rob Deamer 2003
Rob in 2003
Rob Deamer
Portrayed by Brian D. Johnson (1983)
Brett Cullen (2003)
Episode Gleen
Status Arrested

Rob Deamer was a firefighter whose wife, Dana was killed in an explosion. The blast was initially believed to have been the work of a flasher, Albert Miller, who had exposed himself to Dana. Dana was preparing to testify against Albert, prompting the belief that he had killed her. However, this was not the case and it's revealed that Rob was the one who killed his wife. He had a history of being controlling towards women, and was previously married. Rob had grown tired of Dana, whom he could not control as she was too "headstrong" and as a result felt anger towards her, prompting him to murder her. Rob was later arrested after their daughter, Gwen, found evidence to prove he had made an untraceable phone call that directed Dana towards the explosive, which had been hidden in a box of detergent he had left for her outside their home.