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Rob Bear Jacobs 1986
"Bear" in 1986
Rob Bear Jacobs 2010
"Bear" in 2010
Rob "Bear" Jacobs
Portrayed by Justin McCully (1986)
Billy Tyler (2010)
Episode One Fall
Status Alive

Rob Jacobs (known by his ring name "Bear") is a minor character from "One Fall". He and Mick Malone were dock workers and debt collectors in 1986.

Mick started moonlighting as an indie pro wrestler (known as "The Machine") and brought Bear in too, though it's unclear if they were even friends. Bear caught Red Scare stealing his beloved .44 Magnum after a match. Red Scare beat him with it before running off.

Bear is still wrestling in 2010. He was told that his gun was the weapon that killed Mick. Bear cleared his name by giving an embarrassing alibi. He also recalled Mick arguing with his ex-wife Rachel Malone over sole custody of their son Tim Malone, which briefly pinned her as a suspect.