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Rita in 1986
Rita in 2004
Rita Kendall
Portrayed by Ronne Troup
Episode Lover's Lane
Status Alive

Rita Kendall was murder victim Eve Kendall's single mother whose was a hardworking nurse. She was very protective and adoring of her daughter as it was mentioned earlier, she was a single mother as her husband and Eve's father was out of the picture for unknown reasons and she was worried for her for the reason's listed: Eve's choice of clothes, her always wearing makeup, and the excessive attention she got from people, specifically from the boys. One time she got a real closeup of it was when Eve was going out for the night with a young man she knew from the mall, her place of employment named Max Tanner in the summer of 1986. She forbade her from going, scaring Max away and scolding Eve, telling her, "You don't know what you look like to the world, you may be young, but not so young for people to look at you and think things and want things!" (a sexual reference). Eve would tell her mother her thoughts-"I can handle it!" and then stormed off. She would later sneak out out and meet Max, taking Carrie Plummer with her. Years later in 2004, Rita was interviewed about her daughter's case and would tell the mentioned story and about her daughter's life, personality, friends, but especially about her and Mark's relationship. Plus, she wish she and Eve had a better relationship and that Eve would have gotten past her "hard stage" faster.