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Rita Flynn
Rita in 1953
Rita Flynn
Portrayed by Erin Cummings
Episode Pin Up Girl
Status Deceased (1953)

Rita Marie Flynn is the victim in "Pin Up Girl". She was a famous pin up girl in the early 1950's.

Rita's mother died young and her alcoholic father walked out. She was discovered by Monty Moran in the drugstore she worked with her best friend, Betty Sue Baker. After signing a contract with Monty, she began to date photographer Arthur "Zip" Fellig.

It turned out that Rita wanted to quit modeling and pursue photography instead. Zip was not impressed by her decision and they broke up. Monty decided to help her with her career change by recommending her to a magazine. Rita needed to submit a sample photo so she took a self-portrait. She signed it as "Stanley Nopel" from her favorite song "Constantinople".

Then a drunk Betty came to her apartment after a date gone wrong. The guy only wanted Betty to get Rita's autograph. Out of anger and jealousy, Betty shot and killed Rita.

Rita's last photo changed hands over the years. In 2008, the case was reopened when the fan who owned her photo matched it to her leaked crime scene photo. Betty, who had become a nun in penance, was arrested for the murder. In the epilogue, Zip still pines for Rita and Monty imagines seeing her while developing her photos.