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Rick Yanko in 1986
Rick in 1986
Rick Yanko in 2009
Rick in 2009
Rick Yanko
Portrayed by Greg Felden (1986)
Michael Enright (2009)
Episode Dead Heat
Status Alive

Rick Yanko is a minor character from "Dead Heat". He is an Australian expatriate who became a horse jockey in Philadelphia. He lost at the William Penn Million Dollar Derby and blamed Sonny Sandoval for teaching Angelo Rivera some dirty tricks to win.

Rick was paralyzed when a horse fell on him during a race in 1992 and is confined to a wheelchair. He is the first to tell the cold case team that Sonny was not healthy. He pointed out Randall Baxter as a suspect in Sonny's death. Rick is last seen having a drink with Detective Nick Vera (who he did not like at first).