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Rick 1995
Rick in 1995
Rick 2005
Rick in 2005
Portrayed by Michael B. Silver
Episode Ravaged
Status Arrested

Rick is a character in "Ravaged".

He claimed to be an ex-alcoholic. Rick saved Sloane Easton in 1995 from some rowdy college boys and gave her his number just in case she needs someone to talk to. He got a call from her later that night.

Rick instead tried to take advantage of Sloane. She called him low for taking advantage of a drunk who had just sexually debased herself. He got mad and hit her on the head before leaving her to die in the snow.

Rick was questioned by Lilly Rush about Sloane's death in 2005. He sensed that she was also an alcoholic and tried to run the same game on her. They met later but Lilly revealed that she knew that Rick preyed on women in Alcoholics Anonymous. She made him confess to Sloane's death, then arrested him.