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Lilly and the team reinvestigate the 1969 murder of Eleanor “Ellie” McCormick, a 19-year-old woman whose body was found by her boyfriend, 19-year-old Warren Cousins, at his apartment the day he fled to Canada to avoid fighting in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Lilly learns Scotty and her sister Christina have been seeing each other.


At a wedding party, a young woman and man talk on the dance floor. He is in a wheelchair. The woman, Ellie McCormick, goes to the bathroom and is confronted by a man, Warren Cousins, who has been smoking pot. He can't believe she is engaged to another man at the party and she walks off. Ellie is then shown murdered.

In the present, the Cold Case team arrests Warren for Ellie's murder, though he does not seem to know she had died even though she was found in his apartment. He had fled to Canada to avoid the draft. Lilly questions Warren and he denies killing Ellie. She was supposed to join him in Canada, but never showed up. Ellie pursued Warren behind her boyfriend's back according to him. In a flashback, they meet outside the wedding party and talk. Warren gives Ellie his coat to keep warm. He says he's not going to Vietnam. He tells Ellie it is impossible to not look at her. She returns Warren's coat to him. He does not know how she ended up dead in his apartment.

Jeffries and Vera speak with Ellie's brother, Brian McCormick (the young man in the wheelchair), who recalls watching the draft on TV. In a flashback, Brian recalls a little Vietnamese girl causing his paralysis in the war and that it is hard to know who to trust over there. Ellie cries at this. Her boyfriend asks her why she is acting funny. Brian notices Ellie's reaction while her boyfriend did not get drafted. They don't know Warren's birthday was called during the draft.

Lilly suspects her sister is seeing someone. Christina tells her it's someone from the bar.

Scotty tells Warren his alibi checks out and asks about Ellie's boyfriend at the time, Bud Lydecker. Warren recalls Ellie coming to see him at a house party. In a flashback, while the crowd is partying, Ellie's friend (the bride) Suzanne accompanies her. Ellie and Warren kiss. A brick is thrown through the window. Suzanne tells Ellie it was "him". In the present, Warren thinks Bud threw the brick. Scotty tells Warren that Ellie cried when he got drafted.

Vera and Jeffries visit Bud. He admits to throwing the brick through the window, but that was meant for the bride. Suzanne had had sex with the drummer in the bathroom during her wedding reception, and was discovered by him and Ellie. Suzanne told Ellie not to be a hypocrite. In the present, Bud reveals he broke up with Ellie because he did not want to meet the same fate himself. He was told of her murder by his dad. Ellie was the first person Bud knew personally who had died.

Suzanne says Ellie was dreamy over Warren. She recalls her abusive husband, Terry Lucas, confronting Ellie. He throws water in her face and reveals he knows about her going to see Warren at night. Terry calls her a whore. Ellie stands up to Terry after a violent episode against Suzanne. In the present, Suzanne insists Terry could not have hurt Ellie as they had all grown up together.

Lilly and Scotty visit Terry and question his violent tendencies. Terry recalls visiting Ellie and telling her he is being drafted to Vietnam, but does not want to go and end up like her brother, getting traumatized and dumped. Terry asks Ellie to meet Warren about going to Canada. She refuses. Scotty asks how Terry knew where to find Ellie. He answers from Bud.

Lilly and Scotty question Bud about his and Ellie's breakup. He denies killing Ellie but admits to stalking her for a week. Bud recalls going to her and Warren's apartment and hearing a fight. He pounds on the door and Ellie emerges with an injury on her head. Bud assumes Warren is the one who hurt her. Ellie tells him she loves Warren despite Bud's pleas to leave him. He leaves angrily as she returns to the apartment.

Christina finally admits to Lilly that see is seeing Scotty. Lilly gets mad, telling her sister she ruins everything she touches. Lilly storms out of dinner, and tells Christina to move her stuff out of her apartment.

Lilly and Scotty go to see Warren. Warren explains Brian was screaming and detoxing in the apartment after he returned from Vietnam. Ellie won't leave for Canada until her brother gets better. She tells Warren she can't leave Brian. Warren and Ellie say goodbye before his departure. He waits for her, but she never meets him. Warren assumes Ellie chose her brother over him.

Brian is confronted about killing Ellie. Scotty and Lilly bring up his drug problem. Brian confesses to killing his sister but insists that he was clean. He recalls arguing with Ellie about leaving him behind. She tells Brian she wants to be with Warren and there are others to keep him company. Brian tells Ellie again about the story behind the grenade and his paralysis, and why he was targeted. He rants that he's stuck where he is and lashes out, strangling Ellie to death.

Brian is led out under arrest. A picture of him and Ellie when they were younger is shown. Bud leaves an apartment. Christina waits for Scotty outside his apartment. Vera stores the case file box marked "closed". Suzanne briefly sees Terry at his job before driving off. Warren walks out of the precinct free and returns to the apartment he shared with Ellie. He sees her ghost leave with her suitcase and smile at him before fading away.


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  • A closer look at the police report shows the information on the page is actually the dialogue from the scene, even the line "Let's have Frannie take a look at the autopsy."
    Revolution Police Report

    The police report

  • The episode was remade as the twenty-first episode of No Statute of Limitations, and the thirteenth episode of Cold Case - Door of Truth.


  • The Lovin' Spoonful "Do You Believe In Magic"
  • Master Source "Secret Crush On You"
  • Bob Dylan "Lay Lady Lay"
  • The Zombies "Time Of The Season"
  • The Doors "Touch Me"
  • Five Alarm Music Library "Je Vous Aime"
  • The Foundations "Build Me Up Buttercup"
  • The Mamas and The Papas "California Dreamin'"
  • Master Source "My Silve Sitar/Let's Take A Trip"
  • Blind Faith "Can't Find My Way Home"
  • Tommy James & The Shondells "Crimson And Clover"
  • Closing Song: Aretha Franklin "I Say A Little Prayer"

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