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Reuben Harris 1969
Reuben in 1969
Reuben Harris 2010
Reuben in 2010
Reuben Harris
Portrayed by Darren Everett Criss (1969)
James Sutorius (2010)
Episode Free Love
Status Alive

Reuben Harris is a minor character in "Free Love". He was a leader of a hippie commune in 1969. In truth, they were terrorists who had already bombed a draft station.

Annabelle Bennet joined Reuben's commune somewhere between 1968-69. They went to the Woodstock music festival, where Annabelle reunited with David Quinn.

Reuben was planning another attack but he had to abort after his second-in-command was arrested. He figured out that Annabelle was a spy and confronted her about it. He got punched out by David instead.

Reuben is an author and professor in 2010.