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Renaldo Ramos 1991
Renaldo in 1991
Renaldo Ramos 2008
Renaldo in 2008
Renaldo Ramos
Portrayed by Jon Budinoff (1991)
Andres Saenz-Hudson (2008)
Episode True Calling
Status Alive

Renaldo Ramos is a character in "True Calling". He was a student at Reeves High School in 1991. He was on a one-way path to nowhere, like many inner-city youth.

A new social studies teacher named Laura McKinney came to Reeves. Her teaching methods weren't going anywhere but she saw potential in Renaldo as a writer and determined that he had a learning disability. This actually led to Renaldo's mother Yesenia thinking that Laura was racist.

Laura caught Renaldo carrying cocaine to school but didn't report him. It's the only way he knows to make money. Later, she gave her students an assignment to tell her a story about heroism that they witnessed in their neighborhood. Renaldo told her about how his grandfather gave shelter to a bunch of people when their tenement burned down. They bonded and he confided in her that the drugs he was carrying was for another teacher, Kenneth Yates. Laura was shocked and went back to Reeves.

Renaldo followed her to look out for her. Next thing he knew, Laura burst out the service entrance being chased by Kenneth. Renaldo could do nothing but watch as Laura was shot in the back. He fled, knowing no one will believe him.

Life did not get better for Renaldo. He's been in and out of jail, has no job and is still being sheltered by his mother. He was caught by the cold case team in 2008. Renaldo eventually confessed how Laura died and that he had always blamed himself.

After the case is closed, Renaldo seems to begin turning his life around. He's last shown reading a GED brochure and imagines seeing Laura's spirit.